Financing the Equipment You Need To Run Your Business

If your business needs equipment to operate and you need funding, Wealthy Bet Capital can help. We offer equipment financing for everything from bulldozers and heavy machinery to computers and software programs so you can run efficiently with equipment that is up-to-date.

The Benefits of Leasing

When you lease equipment rather than buy it, you can free up cash for other business needs while still updating your equipment. There may also be tax or accounting advantages for your business. Some of the other main benefits of our equipment leasing programs include the following:

  • Application approval within five days
  • A nonexistent or small down payment
  • Low monthly payments
  • Fixed payment amounts
  • Terms lasting as long as 84 months
  • Removal of old equipment

The Right Program for You

Even if you do not have perfect credit, leasing equipment allows you to grow your business and receive the financing you need. We understand that not every loan or lease agreement works for each industry, which is why we offer various programs to match you with based on your business type and your needs. The three programs we feature are found below:

  • Government:Most government and municipal buildings require equipment. We can outfit fire and police departments, public schools and libraries, armed services and official buildings with gear for daily operations.
  • Startups:As a new business, you may need equipment to get going. As long as your business has been established for less than two years, we can help you purchase the items you require.
  • Sale and lease back:With this program, you can gain full ownership of the equipment you lease after you have finished paying the full cost of the loan.

We Have an Application for You

You don’t have to let outdated machines or a lack of the right equipment slow your business down when Wealthy Bet Capital offers equipment financing. To get started, contact us today and fill out a financing application.