Do You Need Financing for Your Commercial Real Estate?

If you need help financing your commercial property project, then you need a stated income commercial real estate loan from Wealthy Bet Capital . We can help you achieve your business objective without endless paperwork and red tape to wade through.

The Basics of This Loan

The first thing you need to know about this type of loan is that it is not a traditional one. For starters, the application takes less time to process because there is far less paperwork than a traditional loan. Also, rather than your credit history being the center of focus for the loan, the property value is more important. That means the aspects of the loan such as taxes, insurance and mortgage need to be covered by the value of the piece of real estate in question.

The Projects Covered by This Loan

As far as how this stated income commercial real estate loan can be used, there are many potential applications. You can use the funding for everything from debt consolidation and refinancing to purchasing a piece of real estate and renovations. Some of the types of buildings covered by this loan include the following:

  • Retail buildings
  • Office spaces
  • Warehouses
  • Investment properties
  • Housing
  • Restaurants

The Terms of This Loan

Our loans come with a range of benefits attached to them. This includes the loan amount you receive and other aspects of the loan that may be dependent on the type of real estate and your credit score, which needs to be a minimum of 600 to be approved. You also need to provide either self-employment documents for verification or a W-2. Beyond those, there are many benefits of this loan, including those listed here:

  • $500,000 maximum in funding
  • LTV that falls between 65% to 75%
  • Fixed rates
  • Terms lasting 25 years
  • Amortization

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If you’re ready to finance your commercial real estate project, contact Wealthy Bet Capital today. We can help you process your application for a stated income commercial real estate loan.