The Basics of Equipment Financing

Running a business comes with a number of financial concerns. When your company relies on specific equipment, it can often come with a large price tag. This means you need to understand your options with equipment financing. There are a number of different choices to consider. To help you find the right fit for your needs, look over these basic points.

Traditional Options

The first option available to you is a loan. This is the most traditional route to take for many business owners. You can apply for a loan at a larger financial institution like a bank or credit union. For this option, you need to make sure you meet the requirements of the lender. You will need to have a decent credit score and be able to pay back the loan within the time determined by the terms. While this is a popular option, it may not be the best fit for your specific needs.

Factoring Options

Instead of taking out a loan, you may want to see how factoring your invoices can help you solve your equipment financing problems. Factoring is a straightforward process that can deliver impressive results. Often, a business will see slowed cash flow due to unpaid invoices on completed jobs. When customers are not paying in a timely manner, it can delay your own operations. With factoring, a company that specializes in the service will look over your invoices and purchase them from you.

The factoring company will provide you with a percentage of the value of the invoices in cash. This can help you have immediate access to funds so you can purchase the equipment you need. What’s more, the company will take on the task of collecting the unpaid balance owed to you. After it has been collected, you will receive the difference of what you are owed, minus the fee the factoring company charges. This option can be a great fit because it is not a loan. Instead, you are simply receiving an advance on money you’re owed.

Finding the Right Fit

In order for your company to stay ahead, you need to know where to turn when you need available capital. Without steady cash flow, it can be difficult to figure out how you will handle equipment financing and other important needs. Improving your cash flow is easy when you explore options like factoring, so take time to learn the details and see if this is the right solution for you.


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